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onic watch. She also n

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BerichtGeplaatst: 07-09-2019 09:05:55    Onderwerp: onic watch. She also n Reageren met citaat

I stopped talking, I can't let her know my details. So I reached into my pocket and took out three hundred pieces and put them in her coat pocket. Put it in you, when can I arrive? I said she said, now. When I hadn't grasped it, she suddenly braked, one foot straddles the ground, saying, right here, you go in, I go to stop, I carry the bag back in front of me, slowly underground the battery car. She said behind her that it was your eyes. I looked up at her words and saw the five characters of "Fenglin Night Hotel". However, the whole building was with a run-down atmosphere, and it was far from the hotel. This should be the name of its self-styled, which makes me suspicious of its honesty. I am advanced. She said in the car that I walked into the door, a bald man was sleepy. There is a cold tidal smell in the house, like the wind and snow still falling inside. I went to him and knocked on the table and found that his saliva was dripping onto a stack of mustard next to his face. I smacked the table and screamed, I want to stay. He was awakened by my percussion and stumbled, three hundred and one nights, hot water free. Suddenly, I remembered that the woman went to park. If she went straight, my three hundred pieces were gone. Just when I was nervous, the bald man picked up the mustard in the plate and chewed it quietly, watching me wait for me to save money. His eyes are like looking at a pot of plants. At this moment, suddenly a key was thrown in front of my eyes, and a woman��s voice came from behind. He paid the money. This is your room key. I opened my room under her leadership. The door was pulled open, "Oh," the sound of the ants clustered. The bed is indeed a big bed, even the labels are still there Marlboro Lights, and the words "foreign famous brand Simmons" are printed inferiorly. The final "s" should be the crowning touch Cheap Cigarettes. The woman looked sleepy and stood at the door and kept looking at the watch. I turned around in the room and asked, why didn't I have a TV? She listened heavily to a yawn and said that you are still watching TV so late, you can watch it in the hall. Young people should pay attention to rest. I sneered at her words and went back to the toilet and thought about my wallet. The toilet was small, but the hot water was no problem. I touched the nozzle with my hand and it made me scream. At this time, I was shocked to know that the middle-aged man had taken my wallet, and I still trusted him. If I still have money in my pocket, I will sleep on the street. No wonder his smile is so meaningful. So I thought back and imitated his smile. The woman standing by the door was so scared by me that I was dissatisfied and said quickly that Beijing is like this, so it is already good in the Sixth Ring. At this time, she looked at the watch and said, 9:20, I was going to sleep in the room, unexpectedly low pressure, so I was a little chest tight, so I opened the window. But after a while I hit a sneeze, so I closed it again. I opened the air conditioner, but it was only a cold air for a long time. So I snorted loudly, as if I wanted to let the owner hear it. But how can they ignore my dissatisfaction? So I thought about stopping the catharsis and taking the trousers off the bed At this time, I saw a note on the bed, and I pinched it and said: special service, perfect sauna. The following payment is a beautiful font - Ming Ming Fangmen suddenly knocked gently. I put my eyes on the door but it was dark, and I realized that there was no cat's eye on the door. I unlocked the door lock and the door automatically popped out - I saw a woman standing outside. Her tube top was deliberately opened to more than half of her chest, the surrounding lace was already wrinkled, and the lower part was a student stocking, but wearing high-heeled shoes. She looked at my lower body and found that she didn't wear pants and smiled. My face was flushed and I was about to run back. She said quickly, sir, I want a sauna. My hands don't know where to put it. I just vainly recall how much I still have. She added, ha, the price is not expensive, the small clock is two hundred, the high clock is five hundred. I swallowed and stared at her nose to make her look calm. I said to the door beam, then, are you calling Ming Ming? I am not clear, I am quiet. She looked a little impatient. I saw the time in the mouth of the Donald Duck on her electronic watch. She also noticed this. He said, sir, if you want it, the little clock is only two hundred, you What kind of trick do you like to play? Are you really not clear? I asked, the piece of paper on my bedside is Mr. Ming Ming, you can't do it, you can treat me as a clear. She
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