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ive the most together

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Geregistreerd op: 21 Mei 2019
Berichten: 24

BerichtGeplaatst: 12-07-2019 08:45:33    Onderwerp: ive the most together Reageren met citaat

ive the most together. For a long time, I have an attachment to my mother. She once decided to leave her for her own pursuit, but now she wants to stay with her for so much, and then she will have to go after a while. Looking at the car carrying the mother disappeared in the corner of the street, suddenly gave birth to a lot of loss and concern, and then secretly wiped away tears. I thought that because of the behaviors that fell over her with my mother's living habits, I felt guilty. After several days, this kind of emotion has not been adapted. I always feel that there are a lot less at home. I also feel that the mother��s room is somewhere in the be a child, for the mother, it��s just a little The rest of the station. In the distance, the mother still has to go on her own. Even if she is faltering, who can accompany you to the parents? Perhaps when we were very young, our parents were omnipotent. As the age grows, I slowly discover that parents actually want us to take care of and take care of them. And when we already know and have the ability to take care of them, many of them are already "children want to raise and not to wait". We have to learn to accept parting, learn to take care of ourselves, and learn to be strong and who can accompany you to the couple? Young couples are always here. Most of the people who walk into middle age have a concept of marriage. When they are in the middle, they have a person who can talk. They can help each other to go shopping and buy things. If there is a headache, there will be a tea in front of the bed, and the cold will be warm. Although the marriages in reality are mostly detached, but based on the fact that the children are dependent on each other, they are still barely able to maintain love. And there are so many marriages, because of one disease and accident, this kind of stubborn maintenance has become a luxury woman with nearly 50 years old. From the outside, it looks much smaller than her actual age. It is the phoenix among people. She walked through the south and crossed the north. When she was dressed up, she was very beautiful and talked. This kind of life state is how many men admire women envy. However, the insider said that she was very pitiful. She had not given birth after many years of marriage. Her husband did not abandon her because of this. She still treated her as she was. Later, because of a small incident, she went back to her family, and he went to call her home three times and five times. She is still holding on. Later, I was divorced. The man soon became a family again and gave birth to a child. She, free from the scarred heart in the failure of marriage Newport Cigarettes Coupons. The insider said that she recently found another person. They are all old, and they don't want to go through any formalities for getting married. They just do it. When will it be? When the insider talked about this, she couldn't help but feel sad: she was old, she couldn't do it, she didn't have a child or a half, and she didn't even have a place to go. Marriage, is it to find a returning child for yourself? The uncle's uncle suffered a car accident and was seriously injured. It was a fate from the ghost gate. When we went to the hospital to see him, his consciousness had begun to recover Newport Cigarettes, but the whole body was full of pipes and could not speak. I saw us, my uncle Zhang Dakou, I saw from the mouth that I was calling our name. He glared at the hand that had been skinny. When we held him, he seemed to cry the uncle's only son like a child who had suffered aggrieved. He took care of his undead father like a child. There is no black service around. The Chinese have a deep-rooted idea, that is, raising children to prevent and control the elderly. This is the best and rare proof. Just so many children are self-sufficient in the rapid social development and survival pressure. The more it becomes a beautiful encounter. Those who go out to work hard to survive, can not return to their parents for a year or a few years, and those parents who are "white-haired people to send black-haired people" because of illness or accident are even more embarrassed! More and more "empty-nest" old people are obsessed with the dreams that cannot be realized, which cannot be said to be the pain of society! Who can accompany you to your brothers and friends? Although brothers and friends are like brothers and sisters, and today's society, it is very rare to be able to go to the blaze for friends. Everyone wears a mask for self-protection, how many people dare to be sincere? In order to benefit the interests of the brothers and anti-purposes abound, can not help but embarrassing: Is there still human taste in this world? People are most afraid of loneliness, but everyone is very lonely. Always in a contradiction, both longing for a person's freedom and fear of one's desolate Marlboro Lights, the most deadly is the loneliness of the soul. We complain that we are crazy, and that we are depressed because no one knows. Open the network, are looking for a confidant, it seems that this can let your tired soul temporarily borrow a place to rely on. The words spoken by strangers are unprepared and pretentious. They do not need to be disguised. Perhaps the words spoken to strangers are going to be rotten in their stomachs for a lifetime Marlboro Red. Whether you are a negligible poor people or a high-ranking emperor, you are eager to understand the desire to have a place to store your heart Cigarettes For Sale. I don't know, there are no two railroad tracks in this world that are completely coincident, and there are no two souls that really live together. The environment is changing, the heart is changing, and the occasional intercourse is still to be separated. The legend of Zhang and Zhao Si is only once in the world. Parents, husbands and wives, children, brothers, and friends are just times of life. After all, the road, or you have to go with yourself.
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